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         Of Durham/Raleigh, North Carolina


Now taking applications for skilled electrician.

Must have valid drivers license.
Must have adequate transportation to and from work.
Must have necessary small tools (belt, hand tools, tester)
Work load will be 90% residential and 10% commercial. Must have extensive knowledge and skills to provide residential electrical service, repairs, upgrades, and installations with extremely low damage workmanship and attention to detail.
Must be able to work with customers on a friendly and professional basis.
Must be able to maintain a professional appearance.
Must have current and sufficient knowledge of the NEC.
Must be able to prove experience and provide references if requested.
Must be able to competently problem solve and complete installations without constant direction.

Compensation includes hourly wage with paid sick time, paid vacation time, paid holidays, yearly bonus upon completion of probationary 90-day period.

Please send resume or documentation listing skills and education pertaining to expected work load.

Please do not send resume if no experience in residential and commercial fields. (i.e. Industrial or Maintenance only) MUST have active skills and knowledge in the current code cycle.

Send all information to steven@radiantelectricpro.com

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